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Our Plans Compared with the World’s Largest Tipi

December 14, 2009

Some of you are having trouble visualizing our  tipi. Here are some stats for the world’s largest tipi from the Red Hawk Trading site. Our tipi is only 22′ in diameter. Planned stats for the Black Bania follow. We won’t need a crane to erect ours.

The world’s largest teepee was commissioned for use during the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympics.


  • Height: 46′ 2″  up to middle
    • 55′ up the front
    • 52′ 7in up the back.
  • Circumference around the base is 165′.
  • The floor area is  2166 square feet.
  • The cover weighs over 700 Pounds
  • 675 sq yards of canvas were used.
  • Contains 1340′ of seams
  • 32 interior poles
  • 2 59ft long smoke flaps poles with 55 lacing pins
The teepee is done in authentic style which includes tilt back which makes the base oval.


  • Height: 21′  up to middle
    • 24′ up the sides
  • Circumference around the base is 69′.
  • The floor area is  380 square feet.
  • The cover weighs only 62.5 Pounds
  • 1500 square feet of clear tarp will be used.
  • Contains no seams
  • 20 interior poles
  • Velcro closure with no lacing pins

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